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Texas Electricity Savings:

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  Home owners in Texas can also take advantage of Texas deregulation

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Frequently-Asked ELECTRICITY Questions

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  1. What is electricity?
  2. Come on, what is electricity, REALLY?
  3. How do we make electricity?
  4. How do we make electric currents?
  5. Which way does the current go? Negative to positive?
  6. What's the difference between voltage and current?
  7. What's the difference between alternating and direct current?
  8. What is AC and DC? Alternating and direct current?"
  9. If electrons flow slowly, why do the lights turn on so fast?
  10. What is electric charge?
  11. What is Static Electricity?
  12. Why is Static Electricity invisible?
  13. Why is "ground" important electrically?
  14. What is Electrical Energy?
  15. In a simple circuit, where is the Electrical Energy?
  16. How are Watts different than Amps?
  17. How are Watts, Volts, Amps, and Ohms related?
  18. What is voltage?
  19. Why is voltage *not* "electrical pressure?"
  20. Why do outlets have three holes?
  21. What's the difference between "static" and "current"?
  22. Which is more dangerous, AC or DC?
  23. Which is more dangerous, high voltage or high current?
  24. Why does the electric company bill us, since it takes back all of the electrons it gives us?
  25. When electricity is sent to homes, how does it know if no appliances are connected? Does it go back to the generators again?
  26. Why are TWO wires always needed?
  27. Could electricity work with just one wire?
  28. Why do batteries get "used up" and "go dead?"
  29. Why doesn't the incoming electricity run out onto the carpet or something?
  30. How can we convert AC into DC, and vice versa?
  31. Why is electricity visible in sparks, but invisible when inside the wires?
  32. How can electrons in wires move slowly, while energy moves fast?
  33. Why can birds land on power lines wo/electrocution?
  34. How do light bulbs light up?
  35. Why do AC motors run forward, not back and forth?
  36. What's the difference between big and small batteries?
  37. What's the difference between "power" and "energy?"
  38. Why can't batteries electrocute people?


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